Back to black

Am back in Austin, biked out to the Seattles Best coffee shop on the frontage road at I35 in San Marcos. Took it easy out, 35-miles, pushed hard back. Got cramps around 52-56 miles, not paying enough attention to my hydration as usual but after finishing my bottle of Ultima Replenisher they gradually went.

The outward part of my journey was 2:16:30, the return 1:58:10, so much faster. It was though I very good idea to oversleep, theres no way I would have made the Shiner ride AND back. There maybe...

Nice ride though today, it was windy almost all the way on the way out, but coming back was pretty fast. I have to admit though the best bit was discovering Seattles Best JavaKuhlas... sweet. It's a nice ride, not much traffic even at midday, I'll hopefully get a chance to do it a few more times before my June bike tour.
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  • Current Music: How the west was lost - Richard Digance
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