Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the answer to faster bike times

Yes, its road surface!

I went out this morning ready to swim at Barton Springs and then do a 30-mile bike loop, as I cruised down the hill towards  Barton Springs Pool I had my feet out and on my shoes and was ready to do a running dismount, I pulled on the brakes only to see the sign - CLOSED DUE TO FLOODING.

So I decided to just bike, run. I forgot it was the cap2k swim today otherwise I'd have gone over and done that. Anyway, out on South West Parkway, crusing along, and I wondered why it was much easier than yesterday, it was numerous times today and then I got it, apart from a few sections of chiptop, the road surface is much flatter and smoother. So despite being tired from yesterdays efforts I still managed to cruise around averaging 22-23mph on any decent flat sections, and got an overall average of 17.8MPH for the 30-miles.

I ran down to the hike and bike trail afterwards planning to do an easy 4-miles, it didn't last. Just as I got to the South 1st Bridge on the north side I lost that will to run. I've had that a few times lately... not sure whats causing it, maybe tired, maybe dehydrated...
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"I firgot it was the cap2k swim today otherwise I'd have gone over and done that."

Are you sure about that? That sucker was over $100 to register for. That's why I skipped it.
Err yes, which explains why I didn't register. Maybe I'll show up at the June 2nd Rogue open water swim... how many "guys" took part ?
No clue how many men there were. You could also participate in the Austin Triathletes Open Water Swim. That has an 800 M, 1 mile and 5k.
I won't be here, I'm racing over in Florida at the Maderia Beach triathlon first thing in the morning, then driving over to the Hard Rock in Orlando to see UK band the Artic Monkeys!

Don't forget to check for Tuesday morning, Barton Springs is likely to still be closed. Shame I really wanted to swim there today. I'll check last thing Monday if I remember, I can only make Tuesday morning this week, well probably.