She, Sir

Saturday 6pm, End of an Ear South 1St Austin.

Not sure what to expect, I went to end of an ear late Saturday. "She, Sir" had just started setting up. I browsed the records and cds, sat and read the Chronicle while listening to the selection on headphones. After a brief tune-up the boys were ready, They'd bought free beer for anyone that wanted it, nothing like bribing the audience. I sat on the floor and while tapping my feet, thumbed through the $1 Vinyl album box, selecting 4-keepers, Brothers Johnson, Julie London, Manhattan Transfer, and a 1960's movies sountrack sampler.

Russel Karloff, James Vehslage, and M.Grusha who make-up She, Sir sounded like they needed a decent sound engineer, you couldn't really hear the vocals. It was only when I got home and played the CD that I found out it was pretty much the same.

IF you like uptempo, four to the floor indie rock, the boys are it. I thoroughly got it, but not the singing. It was like being at a music studio where they were laying down the backing tracks. Oli would have been able to work something out for them.

I've you can listen to "It's My Way of Staying Connected" one of the better tracks off the album, if you like it the CD launch party for She, Sirs - Who Can't Say Yes cd is this Wednesday at Emos in Austin.

Shesir live at End of an ear
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