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swim, bike, eat - Bike to work 1

I got one of those shivers of excitement this morning as I spun down South Lamar at 6:25 and at 28MPH, taking the left into Barton Springs, the Sun was just coming up, it was warm but not hot, the road was pratically empty and I took the turn without braking, sweeet.

After a running dismount at the entrance to Barton Springs pool, I did 8-800ft lengths, had a quick chat with Jamie Cleveland about some personal coaching when I get back from Sierra to the Sea at the end of June, walked out of the pool with bike, stepped on the left shoe(still mounted on the pedal, on the right and by the time I got to the open air theatre had put both feet in and was off.

Took the easy route, straight up Lamar to 183, left on 183 and up Burnett Road. Traffic going north on North Lamar was almost non-existent, even at 7:45am. The road surface is downright dangerous in places though, big holes, and falling off towards the kerb dramatically in places. From the Brit' in town its sure nice of you Americans to put that wide bike lane down the middle of some of the roads, the drivers don't seem too happy when I use it though ;-) - I glided into the front entrance of the office doing an easy riding dismount.

Got to work, shower, then breakfast tacos+coffee... a nice way to start the day. My tip of the day. Every triathlete should have an old pair of tri bike shoes, the more you get to do mounts and dismounts leaving the shoes on the pedals the easier it gets.
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