Live, Love and - Bike to work II

Just a quick update on the ride home last night.

Aside from nearly meeting another bus driver who wanted to kill me, the last one was in 1978 and nearly did, I had a great ride home last night. Didn't start so well, on Burnett with about 150ft before a bus stop the number 3 bus at about 6:25pm decided to overtake me and them immediately cut back in and stop. Sigh... no harm done but there could of been.

So, after that I decided to stay ahead of the driver and push ed on HARD! Maintained 23-25MPH down to Anderson Lane where the bus makes a right.After that I was suitably warmed up(ie sweating, out of breath) and given I had an 8pm date I had to fly. I went down Burnett to 38th, making most but not all of the lights. Road surface wasn't so bad.

At 38th I had to wait for a lonnnnngggg time for the lights to make a left, then a right onto Lamar. Pushed down Lamar with one stop at a light, then from the downhill section just after 24th, along the long flat section all the way to Austin Java at 12th and N Lamar I never dropped below 25mph.

I know where Global warming comes from. Between about 9th and Barton Springs the traffic was backed up on both lanes. I went down the middle at a more conservative 20mph, going between the lines of cars it was obvious the temps were up at least 10-degrees from all those engines running to go nowhere fast. Waited for the light to turn left onto Barton Springs Rd and a few mins later I was home.

It took me just 34-minutes riding time for 12.2-miles, and 49-minutes elapsed to get home. Given it would take 30-mins on average to drive home at that time, thats pretty decent.

Next up Friday bike to work and potential meeting up for breakfast with anetmarie . Maybe tonight I'll 5k around Town Lake.
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