triman (triman) wrote,

Google timeline - neato or scary?

One of the big deals about the whole web 2.0 thing is the concept of declarative linving. Blogs/livejournal are on aspect of that, you write up regular entries and create a kind of history of your life. The more you put out there, the more declarative or open you are.

Well heres a surprising, reall neat, or really scary new feature from google, depending on your perspective. I checked out my timeline on the web and it is earily accurate. I did some Internet work starting in 1996, it slowly built through the late 1990's to it's peak in 2000, I took a new internal assignment in 2002 and my public persona started to die away. I emegred for a while in 2003 when we launched a new corporate initiative only to go dark again until late last year. This is almost exactly what Google Timeline shows. See my google timeline here.

What's yours ?
Tags: google history timeline
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