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On any sunday - Bike to work III

So, in an effort to get a better ride in today and to see if I could hook up with anetmarie for brekkies, I left on South 1st heading south at 6:40; jumped on the 290 frontage road, bike over to Lamar and hopped on to 360 (Cap Tex Highway) up to north Austin.

It would be the first time I'd ridden over the bridge and north on 360, and also the first time I'd ridden on 360 during the week, and probably the last. Boy while those wide shoulders and challenging but short hills were a good ride on a Sunday, they were anything but during the week.

Doing 10-11MPH up the hills, often in the standing position was no joy when a truck came thundering by on the inside lane doing 60+MPH, the suck as it went by was scary. Then there were those pesky on/off ramps. The one I really had a problem with Bee Caves going north, I was crossing over, and I swear the guy in the Nissan was doing 50-55MPH when I looked back to decide if it was safe to cross the on-ramp, he drove partially on the grass to get around me on the right. Sigh.

Anyway a bit further north, across the bridge I made a left turn at the lights onto Spicewood Springs Rd. When I looked at it on the map it seemed like a good way to bypass the carnage that I expected up at the end of 360. It was a long way to cut off a corner but a nice ride. Seven rivers to cross. A turn onto Research and I pulled into the lot for Bucks bikes and there down at the end of the drive  was the Austin Cycling Association guy with Krispy Kremes and juice ;-)

With almost perfect timing, anetmarie showed up about 3-minutes later. We stood and chatted for a few minutes and then got interviewed on our bike to work. I got a plug in for the excellent Dadnab service for those that need to use buses. After that we road together over to my office on Burnet, Anetmarie continued on to hers at Intel.

Distance: 21.5
Max Speed: 45MPH
AVG Speed: 15.95MPH

The trip home was again a quick sprint back home straight through Burnet, onto Lamar and home. I had a meeting to get to. 35-mile round trip.
Tags: austin, biketowork, training
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