Oh no, ankle goes south

Well I've been locked up in the Disney Animal Kingdom hotel all week, the pool was irregular shaped and very shallow so didn't lend itself to swimming, although I tried; the security guard on the gate wasn't up for letting me go running along the road, even early in the morning - "this is Disney property sir, we make the rules". So no training at all this week.

I thought about entering last nights Mac Dill Credit Union 5k over in Tampa, I wanted another shot at setting a new PB, although how the heck I thought that would happen given my distinct lack of training, who knows. Rather than blow the $25 on the entry fee and spend about 90-minutes in the car getting there and back I decided to go do the St Anthonys Triathlon 10k route, first half hard, second half easy.

I started ot down North Shore drive feeling good and was able to push on hard around Coffe Pot Bayou and on Brightwater, a quick check of my watch at 19-mins and it looked like I might make it. Alas it wasn't to be. I ran around the turnaround at the end, looked at my watch and I was already over 24-mins. I did the 5k in 25:14, outside my 24:08 PB. AVG HR for the 5k 158, 94.2% of max.

I stopped and sat down to catch my breath, after a few minutes I went to stand and ZAP my right ankle nearly collapsed on me. I stood on one leg for a few minutes, gently putting down the right foot. Eventually the pain subsided and I started my watch and jogged back to North Shore Drive. Back on the start of North Shore, and this has to be one of the best roads on the planet to run down, perfectly flat, perfectly straight, lined with Palms, and overlooking downtown St Pete and Tampa Bay, I cranked up the speed and went as fast as I could down to the last 3/4 mile, the last 1/4 mile was my fastest for the whole run, and highest HR 98% of Max at 165. Finishing in 57:30 for the 10k, 32:16 for the return 5k, so that was alright.

Shame then that when I stopped the pain in my ankle came surging back. I struggled to walk back to the condo and this morning can barely put my weight on it despite icing it last night. It's much worse than February as well. I have to get this diagnosed, it just can't be the CPPD.

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uh oh!
that doesn't sound good. And a prisoner of Disney on top of it. Hope your ankle gets better soon.
No hardly any, I barely walk. This is sooo frustrating. All the work I did in physio for 3-months seems to be lost in 1-run. I have hardly any forward or backward motion in my foot now.

I'll have to go see AJ and the team when I get back to Austin next week. SIgh.
Hows things going with you?
I've had problems before at Disney properties, this was the first time though I'd stayed at Animal Kingdom and there are no footpaths to the property from other parts of the Disney empire. so you have to pass the secuirty guard at the gate/barrier. sucks.