Learning to live with it

Well my ankle is almost better. that's good and bad news.

It's good because its not more serious requiring a cast of other long term layoff. its bad because this is eaxctly what happened back in Feruary, only this time was much more painful and the same joint.

Prior to this the CPPD attacks had always affected different knee/hip/ankle joints. I guess I need to find a specialist who can advise on treatment rather than just diagnosis.

Managed to get in a decent 1-mile swim in Tampa Bay yesterday.
So NEXT UP Rogue 1-mile Open Water swim race on June 2nd

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Bummer!!! I googled CPPD and found. . .
Treatment Options:
Medications: NSAIDs, Corticosteroids, Colchicine
Removing fluid and crystals
Surgery (sometimes)

Interesting that both exercise & rest are listed, that helps keep it clear, eh?
Yeah the symptoms and diagnosis seem to be well understood, its in lots of medical journals aparently. What seems to be hard to find is a speciliast that has worked with pateints with it.

I'm really not up for joint replacement until I have to, I'll guess you'll see the scope the problem soon... and draining the fulid doesn't sound like something you should do on Friday ready for a race on Sunday ;-)

Whats needed is someone who can really advise. I'm loathed to go back and ask my Doctor again, he'll just send me to another "friend" orthopedic specialist who says he knows, but really just read the same medical research I have. I refused to pay the last one on the basis he didn't have any practical experience and wasted my time....