Bah humbug, best laid plans

So, back in Austin I figured I'd go swim at Barton Springs since it was too late when I got home to go out for a ride, and with my ankle problems running was out of the question.

Grabbed my swim gear and jumped in the truck, get to Barton Springs and it looked ominous. Yep, closed due to flooding from the weekend. Oh well never mind, head over to Big Stacy pool, parking lot was full, they are doing construction on the entrance so you can't see into the pool. Walked around the side, d'oh. Only two lanes and the pool is packed with kids. Exit back the way I came, admit defeat and go home. Bummer.
That is a bummer! Last time I was in Austin I got lost on my way to Barton Springs and missed the swim entirely. *pouts*

I'd like to watch your motivation & enthusiasm! Mind if I add you?
Yep, ankle is back to normal, I'm a few posts behind and will catch-up when I get back from my long ride in the morning.

Ofr course the fact its back to normal is actually bad, becuase it means it isn;'t a hairline fracture, shin splints, ligament problems or other understood and treatable problem. ce'st la vie.