Full Moon Yoga

So, I didn't get up early and go to swim at Stacy, instead I planned to do something I have been meaning to do since I got here, full moon yoga.

It happens monthly on the full moon and is free to take part in. It isn't quite like the picture, it wasn't nearly as dark and no one stood, but it was pretty symbolic. The class was attended by maybe 35-peeps, up on top of a grassy field near a transmitter high over Camp Maybury and with a great view and clear run at the sunset.

Charles MacInerney leads the class, as was pretty laid back and easy going as yoga teachers go. The class was easy enough for folks that had never done it before, but left enough scope for those that were more seasoned.

Right on cue, about 10-mins from the Sunset, Charles ended the class. Instead of getting us to lay down and close our eyes, we were encouraged to sit and watch the end of the day.

Way cool and free, a good stretch into the bargin. Will be back next month! Saturday, June 30, 7:30 p.m.

Charles MacInerney website with details and directions
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Dude! I just noticed your current tune. . .no more teasing me about Elton John! (although it was brave of you post and I had to cap on you!)
Delete Track This

Relax, I often use the music tags for private or in jokes... one person who reads my blog will get this ;-)

The music is often music I do or have liked, but I use the title as a pun or play on the topic. Take for example the other days entry about learning to live with my ankle. At the time I was listening to teh Robert Elms show from BBC London over the net. Robert has a segement that he does called "whats all the fuss" and that day it was whats all the fuss about Graham Parker and Elivis Costello. You email in favorite tracks etc.

Never much of a Graham Parker fan, although it was great to see him down the street at Jovitas during SXSW, the one track I always loved though was Heat Treatment.

So, I'm writing about my ankle injury, Heat Treatment... Geddit??

Jokes are never funny when you have to explain them, but it amuses me. So, no David Cassidy, but Cassidy will understand.