triman (triman) wrote,

The Dodos at End of an Ear

So, you've flown in from San Francisco to do a gig at the "legendary" Emo's, in Austin. Someone says, man you should do a warm-up gig at End of an Ear while you are there, its a hip audio experience retailer(aka record shop) on South 1st, one of the cool parts of town. You don't have roadies, you lug your equipment in 90-degree heat and set-up.

When your set starts their are just 10-people watching, not including the three staff, 30-minutes later you finish up and there are still 10-peeps. Can't be that motivational, but it didn't seem to effect their performance. Meric Long, Logan Kroeber played 5-numbers, 3 of which you can here on their myspace page.

They played a tight set, with some good guitars and innovative vocals from Meric, and Logan was excellent on drums(I'm really starting to appreciate drummers), keeping the beat tight and adding some innovative touches but was over too quickly. Of the set they played I liked "trades and tariffs" and "the ball". Here is a clip from "the ball" shot on my handed Sony digital camera.

If you can catch them live somewhere local it will be we worth the time. Me, I took what was left of my Newcastle brown beer and wandered the two blocks back home.

Next-up: Mansfield Dam Open Water swim race.
Tags: dodos, end of an ear, music
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