Sometimes you should listen to your body

So I got up to ride out to San Marcos this morning, should have been a long ride at as fast pace as I could sustain, 86-miles roundtrip. Never happended.

As I turned from Stassney onto South 1st I was just thinking I feel too tired and my legs unresponsive to push all the way out to San Marcos, I was already playing with ideas to abbreviate the ride. Then after the next light I looked up and saw a pack of maybe 30-riders up ahead, maybe 1/2 mile away. I sprinted cafter them and jumped on the back. Turns out this was the Sunday Freewheeling ride and leaves 24th St between 8-8.15am.

I got talking to a couple of the riders, then we stopped at a light and was able to get the lowdown, they were doing 65-miles out to somewhere called goforth(?) Tx. It was a good ride, intermeddiate pace, all real cyclists rather than Tri types. It was the first time I'd riden where no one else had tri-bars. Then one of the guys touched my back and asked where my gloves were... I just looked at my feet and said "no socks either, I'm too cheap!" - No point in starting the Roadie vs Triathlete discussion... *grin*

Enjoying the conversation, I missed a signal if there was one, a massive pot hole in the road right dead center for my front wheel, I bunny hoped it but my rear wheel came down on the edge of the hole. I lost one of my bottles and carefully turned around and went back to collect it. Everything else seemed fine. We stopped at a gas station for the half way, took maybe a 20-minute rest.

When I restarted my legs felt slugish again. I got dropped on a series of 3-hills and a sprint. One of the guys held back. We rode together and I picked up speed on the sprint section, nicely doing 27-mph. On a corner though my rear wheel drifted right out to the point I almost came off. A little later on the same thing happended again. A quick look down and confirmed I'd got a slow puncture. We caught another of the guys and I said I'd stop to change the tube. I had the rear wheel off and tube out in no time. The guy we'd just caught had a pump and I quickly inflated the tyre. Just one last pump .... and BANG. I'd stripped the valve off the tube.

Changed into my 2nd tube, started pumping, nothing. It had a small hole. D'oh. One of the guys furtunately had a deep rim tube and we were quickly back on the road, this time I topped the tube off with a C02 cartridge rather than the hand pump. The three of us rode back to Austin and although it was hot I avoided any cramps by drinking plenty.

About 4-blocks from the house it all went t*ts-up. My gears started slipping and I looked down and I'd bust a spoke and my rear wheel buckled. D'oh, and then to top it off I got unbelievable cramps in my right and left thighs. I managed to find some shade and lay down. Eventually the cramps subsided and I had to carry the bike "jinx" style back to the house, walking barefoot. Ouch the blacktop was HOT!

I went for a short run around the block and no problems with the ankle, I bought a cold drink and ice cream at the local convinience store on South 1st and back in the house, took a cold/ice bath, warmed up and took a shower. Then I got the worst cramps in my left calf. Ouch.

Should have listened to my body, done an easy 30-miles and had an early lunch.

Stats for the day:
Weight: Before the ride 208.5lbs
Weight: After the ride 201.5lbs (yep that was 7lbs different, dehydrated me, no I must have almost dried-up.)
Bike: 52-miles; ride time: 3:11:20 17.28MPH

Next-up: Get the wheel fixed; anyone got any spare Rolf Vector Pro spokes?
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Your body is an amazing barometer. Listen close.. it has secrets to tell. Otherwise it may scream. ;)
Damn dude
did anything go right on that ride? Good job persevering !