Street life - Scared? Maybe...

So admit it, first time you saw google earth or Google maps with the satellite pictures is was a mix of excitement and worry, how much had they spied on you and what could you see?

It's fun, maybe, to see your car parked outside your house on a satellite photo where you can't really see the detail. What if there was a picture online that showed you hiding your spare key before going for a run?

Well next up is Google Streets. Both Google and Amazon have been busy driving the USA and taking 3D pictures and images. For some of the big cities not only can you see a "drive by" view, but you can also move around. Amazon have apparently abandoned their project but Googles' is now in beta.

Try it out, spooky or freedom? I lived for a short time at 130 E 62nd St, New York, NY 10021, go visit at Google Maps and then select the Street View button.

How long before your current living space is there for the world to see? Better clean up that front yard!
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Google has an old map of my house
I know this beacause I painted my deck light gray 3 years ago and GoogleEarth shows its previous color, brick red. And my front yard is currently experiencing some kind of fungus invasion! I'll get to it soon enough.. maybe. ;-)
Classic - I think I'm safe being in Bermuda... also by being at #2 Rural Lane (there's no #1 or #3)