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New land speed record

So I arranged to me up with triathletebigo this morning and do an early morning ride from Jack and Adams with the road bike just fresh from a service at the same establishment. We went out reasonably easy and socially pushed on a few sections and took a long break for hydration at the Walgreens on the corner of 620/2222.

I'd never done this popular 50-mile loop before so I had no idea what to expect. Not long on 2222 and there was a big downhill, I just glided down it effortlessly watching the speedo, I maxed out at one section at just over 56MPH. Sweet. Prior to this my fastest speed on the bike had been 48MPH coming down the big Hill towards the end of the bike course at Wildflower.

The average for the 1/4 mile section was 50.9 MPH. See below. triathletebigo and I are going to start doing a regular 6am ride from Jack and Adams starting the first Saturday in July! All welcome, you don;t have to do 56MPH to keep up!

Stats for the ride:
Distance: 48 miles
Climbing: 1200ft
Time: 2:50:07
AVG HR: 124
Tags: cycling, training
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