Back on the road III

This morning while waiting for triathletebigo I sat on the step at Jack and Adams, my newly cleaned and serviced 'dale looked great, while I've mostly got carried away with "big red" my race bike, I'd forgotten how good my road bike was. So, for the record...
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Crikey you've got your seat far back!

Nice ride - style man likes the understated colour coordination but deducts points for mismatching water bottles.
Mea culpa on the water bottles... It just seems so pretentious to use the IMH bottles in the dual bottle rack ;-)

On the saddle, yes, not sure why its where it is but didn't notice while riding. Have corrected now, thanks for the spot!
*uncontrollable laughter*

I just checked out your link-a-majig! omg.. while I'm not a *swinger*, I have been to a few "Gary & Margaret" type parties. Interesting furniture & all. I've not watched the whole thing but good lords is that hilarious! *giggling*

My Heart Family is Polyamourous. Much more interested in creating long term familial bonds than just the Swinger hook-ups.. but hey.. to each his own.. *laughter*

bwaahhahaaaa.. Star Trek room! *falls over*
Yes, How funny is that... I'm a "Louis", there are more Louis Theroux programs here , often hillarious, he doesn't get the coverage that Sascha Barren Cohen aka Borat does but in many ways is just as good.

Whats really mind boggling is that in this day and age the people shown in the program really didn't think that this would show up online. Most interesting is not Margaret who is concerned about her "small business" becoming known down at the market, but the woman who is a retired and goes to the "party" with Louis... you gotta wonder.

I just googled +gary +margaret +swingers and in two links I got Gary and Margets details, not that I'll be heading out that way when I go to CA on Thursday, honest.
Gary & Margaret's
11654 Humber Drive
Mira Loma, CA 91752

So if you go to any more ""Gary & Margaret type parties", let me know, I'm good a keeping a straight face, talking with a proper English accent and asking open questions... "is Marget OK with that?"
Yes! People are so funny with all their little quirks. And I've found that in all the alt communities I've had contact with there's everything from healthy, thoughtful, aware folks all the way to cheesy dominant wanna be's. SOme folks wanna connect and others just wanna *get some*.

Be sure & tell Gary & Margaret I said "Hi!" *giggles*

Taking you to a *Party* sounds like a blast! Although, I'm afraid I would want to keep you all to myself. .. Which, come to think of it, is neither Poly or Swinger mentality. *heh* ahh well.

There are Poly Dinners, Picnics and overnight/weekend functions in Austin all the time. I'll let you know sometime if you wanna join in.. for educational purposes, of course. ;p
consider me invited, for research only of course. i'm away until July 2nd ;-)